Cabaret New Burlesque Workshop

I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to attend a fabulous three-hour workshop in London with four megastars of burlesque: Dirty Martini (pictured, right, with me), Julie Atlas Muz, Mimi le Meaux and Kitten on the Keys. I’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with Kitten on the Keys (Edinburgh Fringe Festival) and danced with Dirty Martini post-show (Glasgow Cabaret Festival 2009), as well as admired them all in the burlesque film Tournée while at the Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame last June. The ladies took turns teaching 45-minute sections of the workshop and each had a unique way of teaching. The class was more focused on finding your confidence as a performer rather than based in dance technique, which as a dancer, was more valuable to me; I’ve been to a lot of dance classes in my life, and for me, the highlights of this class were the real-life stories the ladies shared, their inspirations when creating acts, and some backstage gossip. Highlights included getting extra specially up close and personal with Julie Atlas Muz as we strutted across the room together (she whispered some filthy things in our ears!), and the merciless ‘bumping’ in a circle with Mimi. As someone who spends a lot of time teaching and working on the Academy business, it reminded me how much I loved performing and gave me a kick up the derrière about creating some new acts!  The girls who attended came from far and wide – who wouldn’t, to learn with these ladies? It was lovely to catch up with performers Honey Wilde and Eris Eveillier, to whom we’d taught burlesque way back when (we love when ex-students become megastars!), get to know fellow Cardiff burlesquers Didi Curve and Sandy Sure on the car journey with a Krispy Kreme stop, and expand my circle of burlesque friends.

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