PhD in Striptease

Did you know… my co-director, the indomitable Dr Gypsy Charms (Sarah C Vernon) completed a PhD in Sociology specialising in striptease from the University of Glasgow in 2011?

The thesis entitled ‘The Private, the Public and the Pubic: Striptease and Naked Power in Scotland’ is a groundbreaking piece of research into striptease in Scotland.  Gypsy has spent almost 14 years in striptease based entertainment working in every field of the sector from stripping to lap dancing and burlesque and the thesis charts her time working in strip clubs in Scotland.  Her research is a long-term participant observation study of two clubs in Scotland which she started in 2001.  It is to date the longest participant observation study of its kind in the UK and the first to use this type of fieldwork in Scotland.  Self-funding the project, Gypsy, who has actively campaigned on behalf of the industry since 2005, is a keen advocate of both working rights for those in the striptease based entertainment (SBE) sector and the sex industry.  She believes it is a basic human right to be permitted to choose to work in this sector and maintains that, rather than dwell on morality issues related to using the body as a commodity, we should see working in SBE as a valid form of labour.   Moreover, regardless of the entrenched morality debates, she maintains that all forms of SBE have some form of artistic merit and thereby protected by freedom of expression legislation.

Gypsy’s research addresses these issues through field research in two strip clubs.  This work is not widely available, but sections of Gypsy’s research will be included in a book ‘The Private, the Public and the Pubic: Striptease and Naked Power in Scotland’ to be published soon.  She regularly gives talks on striptease and the history of burlesque which are suitable for a variety of occasions from lectures and festivals – she recently gave a talk as part of Scotland’s History Festival – to after dinner speaking.   Her talks can also have a performance element – after all, what could be better after a conference dinner with a talk on burlesque than a beautiful fan dance finale?…

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