Girls’ Christmas Do

Yes – it’s that time of year again! If another night in the pub or the obligatory over-priced Christmas menu doesn’t seem appealing, why not try something different for a Christmas girls’ night out?

A theme makes a difference – how about Moulin Rouge, burlesque, ‘80s or Grease? Getting a group of your friends together and dressing up (with a glass of wine or two) is all part of the fun. We recommend having a dance class party to match your theme (well, we would…)

We run showgirl Christmas parties with loads of formation dance routines which touch on old-style feather-clad showgirl glamour and take you right up to date with Pussycat Doll Lounge-style raunchier showgirl work.

We were in Las Vegas over the summer and were surprised to see the lack of traditional shows on The Strip… yes, it seems showgirls circa 2011 are not so much about Busby Berkley formations and Moulin Rouge feather backpacks, but more about the raunchy commercial dance, girls undressing each other and giant swings over the audience. We still like! We love Fantasy at the Luxor, we were a bit mmmehh about Holly Madison in Peepshow.

A burlesque Christmas party classintroduces you to the retro staples of posing, peeling and teasing. And you might like to head over to Charm School, our sister site, for many more fun party ideas. An ‘80s class has tasters of Dirty Dancing, Fame, Flashdance and Footloose – just the thing for those of you (and that includes us) old enough to remember Footloose the first time around, while a Grease party is the ideal opportunity to let your inner bad-girl come to light – after all, you’re only emulating Sandy. A dance party is the perfect antidote to the usual over-indulgent Christmas party season and the calories burned surely gives you the perfect excuse for that extra mince pie!

Then, post dance class, a great idea is to play some themed games – how about best glove removal for burlesque, or our favourite, Pin the Tassel on the Burlesquer? (Best do it with a poster if you’re using pins… if you’re feeling a bit more risqué, just use a tasselers’ favourite, B&Q double-sided sticky tape and do it for real!) Or, as one of our more memorable parties told us, they had a competition post-burlesque lesson to see who could get the most boys to kiss their feet! Burlesque goddesses indeed!

Gypsy and Viva