Bluestocking Lounge, Swansea

What a great night performing at Bluestocking Lounge in Swansea! Since moving to Cardiff from Edinburgh last year, I haven’t performed very much, so it was such a privilege to be invited to dance in this show.

I performed two numbers: my high (ouch) kicking showgirl number with a large pink love heart chair, and a brand new act called Glittering Temptations where I play a jewellery thief who gets carried away with the contents of her swag-bag… with a narrative twist at the end! Slight technical hitch when the music cut out after 20 seconds, leaving me standing on stage in silence. Oh no! The music did start from the beginning again, which I thought gave me those 20 seconds to steal a drink from an obliging front-row audience member. Well, no point repeating the intro!

I met the lovely Susie Sequin, Daisy Champage, Primrose Proper and local burlesque troupe the Sextembers. Holding it all together was the fab Lilly Laudanum who performed a spectacular Lizzie Borden act.

And the audience! Best. Audience. Ever. Everyone entered into the spirit of it and was out to enjoy themselves. I’ve never heard such loud applause, whoops and cheers.  Bluestocking Lounge is a great night out for anyone close to Swansea.

Viva Misadventure