Burlesque Hen Party, Aberdeen

Yesterday I had the pleasure of popping up to Aberdeen to teach burlesque to a fantastic hen party group from Elgin.

As is very often the case, the lovely bride-to-be had no idea what her friends had planned for her, and looked bemused (and a little shocked) when I descended on the group with my hair in a 50s pin-up style, and in my regulation Charm School Top, pink shorts and killer heels.  After assuring her I wasn’t about to subject her to some form of hen party torture that involved jazz dance, we proceeded on our journey through the naughty world of burlesque.

After making the hen guess the theme of the party by dressing her up in a corset and tutu, the ladies settled into the serious business of learning how to pose like a pin-up queen (although, according to some of the girls, standing still when hung-over was very challenging!), peeling like a professional and tassel-twirling.  Assuring the group that dance wasn’t an essential part of being a burlesque goddess put them at ease as they learned that stagecraft – acting – was the most important part of burlesque.

By the end of our time together, the Elgin Follies, as they are now known, were ready to strut and slink down Union Street and through Aberdeen’s nightlife hotspots – we hope they had a fun night, and girls, do send us some photos!

We hope to see you for your burlesque hen party in Aberdeen! Contact us on info@burlesqueandcabaret.com or through our Contact page.

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