Can-can in Swansea

Just back from a fabulous high-kicking can-can workshop in Swansea. Run in association with Circadian Fitness, a pole dancing school in central Swansea, I gave the lovely Swansea girls a thorough grounding in one of my favourite dance styles, the French can-can.

After a gentle warm up to Moulin Rouge classics, I had the girls step-ball-changing across the room (which always reminds me of my teenage jazz classes), drag-running, attitude-kicking and finishing with some dangerously close splicing gallops. They then put their fully frilled red, white and blue can-can skirts on, which gives any group of ladies that professional-looking sheen – matching costumes can hide a multitude of sins! After learning how to manipulate the skirt and mastering the art of the derriere flash – a cancan staple – we got the ladies in a straight line for the classic high (ahem) kicking chorus line. Swansea did us proud, requesting the ‘hard’ version which includes a very special step where you hold under your thigh, pulling your knee towards your chest, and kick your leg up and down repeatedly from there. I didn’t like it when I was a cancan dancer in Paris, I don’t like it now, but the ladies of Swansea loved it!

A full scale French can-can dance followed. Lots of can-can whoops may have hidden some kicks that weren’t quite 180 degrees high, and the girls did a great job of the rond de jambe, formation mini-kicks, full contretemps (jump like a fairy!) and the grand finale of not-quite-jump-splits. YEEE-OWWW!  Is the world ready for the Swansea Moulin Rouge troupe?

Some feedback:

“Just wanted to be the first to say I had an amazing time! It was a brill workshop full of fun and frillies and whoop whoop galore!” – Kindy M, Swansea.

“Had an absolute blast, yeeee-haaa!” – Stella R, Swansea

“Fantastic Can can workshop! I an now thoroughly addicted :D” – Mary-Eve N, Swansea

Viva Misadventure

We’re planning future cancan workshops in Swansea and Cardiff, please contact us for details. We also run Swansea cancan hen parties and Swansea burlesque hen parties.