Burlesque Hen Party, Manchester

En-route to performing with the all-star cast of Vive Le Cabaret at Manchester’s Lowry, I had the pleasure of stopping off at the supercool Sunshine Studios in Manchester to teach a group of lovely ladies a spot of burlesque for a hen party.

The stunning group of ladies who trooped into the studios looking ever so glam in matching T-shirts were from West London, via Birmingham in some cases.  The enthusiastic group made the lovely Lana (this is what I decided to name the beautiful bride-to-be) wear her bra on the outside of her T-shirt, which seems a fairly normal thing to do for burlesque class regulars, but can be viewed as slightly odd to those not indoctrinated into the addictive world of burlesque.  After donning some killer heels and having made Lana and Belle, a bubbly Birmingham hen party member who had been strutting her stuff at other burlesque classes, my dance captains, we went about peeling back the layers of illusion that make up neo-burlesque.  After learning to pose like Bettie Page (we had one class member who took to the cheesecake burlesque style like an absolute natural) we received a surprise visit by an unexpected guest (see photo)…

So he (I decided he looks like a Buck) became the focus of our attention.  Throughout the rest of the class Buck became our audience.  Always standing to attention Buck was an attentive, if somewhat quiet audience member.  When we were tassel-twirling, Buck’s obvious assets provided even more hilarity as they seemed an appropriate place to hang my double-sided tape.  There were some star twirlers in the group who could effortlessly keep the tassels spinning, which I am sure will come in handy at dinner parties.

I know that the ladies and Buck will have strutted and posed their way round Manchester in style.  We wish them all the very best and good luck to Buck too – what an upstanding man!!!

Gypsy Charms