Burlesque Hen Party, Lake District

Today, there was another sight worth mentioning in the picturesque Lake District – a group of Scottish women tassel twirling.  Yes, indeed, Miss Gypsy Charms and the lovely ladies took Penrith by storm!

Today we sent Gypsy down to the Lake District to deliver some of her trademark burlesque humour to an unsuspecting hen party in Penrith, and by all accounts they took to the posing peeling and teasing like professionals within a matter of minutes.

Fiona’s hen party were a lovely and lively group of beautiful Scottish ladies who will no doubt be setting Penrith’s tongues wagging as they strut around the town centre giving even the most distinguished BNTM (Britain’s Next Top Model) contestants a run for their money this weekend.  Attired in ’80s ensemble with matching tops, the group were, from the outset, up for a giggle.  Within half an hour the group had mastered perfect S-shapes, as well as that secret ‘hiding having a bad tummy day’ pose (perfect  for those days when you run out of Activia), and were delivering Oscar-winning performances in their posing routine.  By the end of the session they were tassel twirling to perfection as well as becoming adept at holding poses for extreme lengths of time as a barrage of photos are taken.  I know that the latter will have been great training for the wedding and any red carpet events the group have coming up 🙂

We would like to wish Fiona all the burlesque best for her big day!

Gypsy Charms, for our sister brand, Charm School – hen party dance classes – be taught a lesson!