Burlesque Hen Party, Crieff

I’m sure that Crieff Hydro has had its fair share of exotic guests but I think the gorgeous hen party I taught in one of the lodges tops them all!

The party had requested a night time slot in their own accommodation – I love doing these, as I have always had a good giggle with the parties – which was one of the lush lodges in the grounds of Crieff Hydro.  I was given a heads up by the outrageously fabulous organiser that the hen didn’t have a clue I was turning up and that she was worried they had hired a male stripper. This being the hen’s idea of hen night hell!

So we put a plan of action together that the would blindfold the hen and whip the blindfold off to reveal me (not a male stripper). After some secret whispers and hushed conversation I proceeded to enter doing my best male stripper impersonation (hoping that she wouldn’t be disappointed I wasn’t the ‘real deal’).  I told the giggling beautiful bubbly bride-to-be that I was cheaper than a male stripper – and she wasn’t disappointed, thank goodness.

The hen was a natural pin up girl, striking stunning poses throughout the class, and the group were in general just fantastic! From super spinning tassels to slinky S shapes this hen party had it all

I certainly hope they strutted their way up to the Crieff Hydro ballroom to show off their newly honed skills – and I want to thank them for making me smile all the way back to Edinburgh!

Gypsy Charms