Celebrity Posing Secrets

The Awards Season is in full swing. Designers, stylists and publicists are on red alert for that fatal ‘worst dressed’ award which can destroy their celebrities’ bargaining power with potential career investors. Would Eva tell you she thought she was ‘worth it’ if she’d had a bad hair season?  A career breaker for not only for the celebrity, but his or her entire entourage, the Awards season trots the celebrities out onto the red carpet for all the world (and potential lucrative sponsors) to see.  While sleepless nights are spent carefully deciding on styling, which media outlets and other celebrities to ignore, as well as how long said celebrity should walk the red carpet for, in a single flash of a camera their entourage’s best efforts are laid to waste – by the celebrity’s dreadful posture and poise!

That’s right – pigeon toes, slouching shoulders and a trout-like visage, which are undoubtedly an attempt at being alluring, are all too common on the red carpet.  We at Academy of Burlesque & Cabaret have always advocated the use of one’s assets and attributes rather than actively aiding the decimation of them in a single pose.  As ambassadors for S-shape and showgirl poses, we believe that the red carpet culture would do well to remember the simple flattering nature of these for female celebrities.  As the lovely Kristina Hendricks (Mad Men femme fatale) demonstrates at the Golden Globes: shoulders back, chest lifted, drop into the left or right hip, add a hand on the waist (keeping the shoulder back of course), and to perfect it ensure the feet are either in a showgirl or S-shape pose – et voila, you have an exquisite pose.

At times I feel like a tutor at a finishing school for vamps-in-training, using the basics principle of ‘tits and teeth’ in combination with a well thought out pose, whether hailing a taxi or parading on the red carpet, as a way to live one’s life.

Gypsy Charms