Burlesque Hen Party, Newcastle

Our hen party of the week is a group of 16 ladies who decided on a burlesque themed hen party in Newcastle. Taught by Miss Bonbon Fatale, who has been teaching our burlesque hen party syllabus in London for two years and has recently relocated to the north, the group were taught how to pose, peel and tease by this glamorous professional dancer.

Held in the sumptuous Madame Koo venue in the centre of Newcastle, the group had come from as far afield as London to help the bride-to-be celebrate her last days of freedom in her hometown.  We’re big fans of groups getting dressed up for the class, all the better to help them become one with their burlesque alter-egos, and Bonbon was most impressed at the ladies’ matching tiaras.

Starting with the usual ice breaker games and warm-ups, Bonbon then took the group through posing and walking techniques. We’re told  the ladies weren’t so sure about their slow sultry Jessica Rabbit style slink, “but the slink they had down!”  Go on girls!

The 16 ladies performed their classic cheesecake glove striptease routine in two groups, giving their friends a chance to play audience – learning to be a good audience member is also a skill, and the more whoops and cheers you deliver, the more you get to see!

The last we saw of them they were off for a night on the Toon to see if their new slinking and posing skills would work on getting a few free drinks. Fingers crossed!