Cancan Hen Party, London

It was a multicultural affair in this week’s hen party of the week – a Wales-based Scottish girl teaching some French ladies to can-can in London on St Patrick’s Day.

The group of belles filles were all French, which made for some very sultry and exotic showgirl names (although I had to ask them to spell them themselves). I was delighted a few members of the group had been to the Moulin Rouge in Paris to see one of the world’s most famous can-cans, and as we use the music from this famous revue to warm up to, I’m sure this helped the hen party ladies become one with their new cancan dancer personas.

After the warm up with the OTT showgirl poses and smiles, the skirts were on and we were off! The girls made quick work of the steps across the room, and took to the bum-flashing like ducks to water.  The chorus line proved no problems for our cancaneuses, and the ladies’ natural French elegance ensured their poses were ultra chic. The finale of the full can-can dance was spectacular, and with our central London venue overlooking the famous Pineapple Studios, I was convinced our can-can starlets were going to get discovered by Louie Spence.

Bride to be Fleur flourished, and I’m sure some of the new poses will come in handy for her wedding in June (no, not the bum-flashing one, Fleur).

With lots of cancan whoops still ringing in my ears, I left the hen party girls in the bar whistling the cancan tune, and discovered the happy news that Wales had won the rugby. Moving from Scotland to Wales has certainly had some sporting advantages…

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Viva Misadventure