Burlesque Hen Party, Cardiff

It was a truly lovely group of girls I had the pleasure of teaching in this week’s Cardiff burlesque hen party. Local girls, the party had been organised by the bride’s friend, and I soon realised one of my own Cardiff friends would be attending the hen party. (I bonded with this girl on an aeroplane from Cardiff to Edinburgh when I couldn’t find my passport and it turned out I’d been sitting on it for half an hour… but that’s another story.) So I was prepared for fun from the beginning with these ladies!

As advised, the girls had arrived early and enjoyed the first really sunny day of the year by sipping pre-burlesque cocktails in the beer garden of our venue. An ideal warm-up.

Upstairs in our private room, the Cardiff ladies were soon put to work picking their burlesque names. The bride-to-be had been bought nipple tassels made out of sweets, so she became Miss Ivory Candy. My aeroplane friend is now Miss Ruby D’lite, her inspiration coming from her her favourite Ruby lipstick and as a homage to Catherine D’Lish, burlesque superstar.

Two hours of rioutous fun followed, as the ladies were put through their beginner burlesque paces. Their bum presenting was particularly noteworthy, as were their prowling steps, in which Miss Ivory Candy was made the centre of attention as her friends slunk towards her, vying for her attention. The girls were introduced to the pleasure of the C-string, but this sadly led to wardrobe malfunctions for our bride-to-be, so we decided it worked better as a hairband anyway. Shimmies and glove technique followed, as the ladies discovered their inner pin-up girls. Swapping the candy nipple tassels for the real things for our grand finale of tassel-twirling, it turns out Cardiff girls are natural twirlers. And when you can eat the tassels later, so much the better.

Now Facebook friends with a few of the ladies, I got to see the pictures of their night out in Cardiff that evening and I’m happy to report their poses were top notch. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the wedding photos next month as well, so here’s hoping Miss Candy Ivory remembers her special walking-down-the-aisle slink and the all important ‘I Do’ pose šŸ˜‰


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