Glasgow Dance House Spring Extravaganza

We’ve been running burlesque classes in Glasgow at Dance House since 2006 and have loved watching our students take to the stage. Many have gone on to forge professional burlesque performance solo careers, and often their stage debut is as part of a choreographed group number.

Both Beginners and Improvers Glasgow burlesque classes performed at Dance House’s Spring Extravaganza last week.  Our beginners burlesque class saw eight gorgeous class participants strut their stuff as Pin-Up Cuties.  In a traditional cheesecake burlesque number that was an homage to the naughty but nice style of burlesque inspired by the pin-ups of the Wink and Eyeful era, our beginners stripped off their gloves with a wink, a pose and a naughty smile to rapturous applause.  This was a stage debut for many of the participants and they commanded the stage like seasoned professionals.  We are sure it won’t be the last time they do so!

The Improvers class consisted of seasoned class veterans, some of whom have been attending our Glasgow burlesque classes for five years, and who perform in their own right, and they took the crowd by surprise with a tango-inspired number.  Dark, intense and sexy it contrasted beautifully with the cuter style of the Beginners’ piece.  Dressed in red and black, the Improvers used their stage craft training to create a performance that was dominant, dark and sensual.  With precision timing and perfect characterisation they made the stage their own.

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