Burlesque Hen Party, Elgin

I’m just back from the Highlands, having taught a burlesque hen party for the lovely Elgin Follies, and the North East of Scotland has never looked so hot!

Having met two of the Elgin Follies earlier this year at a burlesque hen party I taught in Aberdeen, uber-organiser extraordinaire, the re-christened Horny von Feisty, decided that another dose of burlesque fun was due, this time in Elgin itself.  The group had been such a giggle at their Aberdeen burlesque hen party that I didn’t hesitate in grabbing this party for myself, and took the winding road up north to deliver our  brand of burlesque.

The seasoned veterans from the Aberdeen session, Horny and the newly-married Sexy Le Boeuf assured the nervous hen (Kinky Bluebelle) that there was nothing to fear, as a bit of tassel twirling action is a must for every bride-to-be.  After a few drinks for Dutch courage, the Elgin Follies set to work creating their new burlesque personas.  With a wide array of names from Easi Floss and Big Bosomed Betsy to Cocktail von Ginge  and Trixee Frou Frou, the group named each other with aplomb. After they had been re-christened we started the hard burlesque work of posing, bumping, grinding, peeling and tassel twirling.

There were some natural born posers in the group, who took to our modern posing routine like professionals, with a wink and a naughty smile.  Their inner actresses came out as they peeled like pin-up cuties.  And when it came to learning some hot tassel twirling action they didn’t let Elgin down.

I came away from our session having had the best time, with a group of ladies who were an absolute riot.  And I have the feeling that they will be ‘booming’ their way through Elgin tonight!

Thank you to all the Elgin Follies for making me smile all the way back down the A9. Here’s to the next time…

Gypsy Charms

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