Burlesque Hen Party, Aberdeen

Today I set off into the beautiful north-east of Scotland to Aberdeen to deliver a burlesque hen party to 8 lovely Aberdonian ladies.

The burlesque class was a surprise for the bride-to-be, (re-christened Dusty Sugar-Tits), but it was right up her street as she was no stranger to burlesque. Dusty and Amber Delight (not her real name) had participated in a burlesque workshop before, been to shows and were themselves performers in training. So, they had an inkling of what awaited them – but the others did not.

The remainder of the group: Busty Velvet, Black Magic, Chesty LeRue, Champagne Cork, Tiffany Sapphire and  Ashy von Smashy (love that name) turned out to be utter naturals. From shaking to perfection to bumping and grinding with gusto, they giggled, posed and pouted their way through our Aberdeen burlesque hen party.

They were an utter delight to teach and it was a pleasure meeting them off. We wish Dusty all the best for her upcoming wedding and I’m sure they will be using their new burlesque skills on unsuspecting Aberdonians tonight!

Gypsy Charms

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