Burlesque Hen Party, London

One of our most long-standing teachers, Miss Bonnie Heather, had the pleasure of inducting a group of 14 ladies into the glamorous world of burlesque in a West London burlesque hen party this weekend. Miss Bonnie Heather, who has worked across the world dancing in all manner of shows from feather-clad international cabarets to naughty underground London revues loves teaching our burleque hen sessions (if you meet Bonnie, ask her about her career, she likes to share secrets of her past!)

Bonnie tells us it was a lovely group of girls – bride to be Alex was renamed Sexy Saph (she loved sapphires). We also had Rita Sparkles, Pussy Burlesque, Bumpy Galore (a pregnant burlesquer), Angel Delight, Nikki Blue Eyes, Lady Luscious and Ripen Ready (a very pregnant burlesquer, with only two weeks until her due date!)

We hear the girls enjoyed a whole six bottles of champagne during the class, and the bride’s twin sister arrived from Australia about a third of the way through the class to many hugs. Bonnie tells us, “The group chatted and laughed a lot (mainly due to the champers), we all had a great time and by the time the tassels were twirling, they were falling about laughing.” Our sort of girls!  Excuse the blurry picture – can we blame the champagne?

Miss Sexy Saph, we wish you all the best in your upcoming marriage. For your own burlesque hen party in London, give us a call!

Viva Misadventure