Burlesque Hen Party, Bath

This week’s hen party of the week is a burlesque hen party in Bath, taking place on an otherwise quiet Sunday in the city.

This group of no less than 36 lovely ladies had travelled from my hometown of Edinburgh to Bath for bride-to-be Miss Gypsy Rocks’ hen party. I was delighted to teach a party full of recognisable accents and let a few Scottish-isms (which I’ve had to let slip since moving to Cardiff last year) in – and the ladies were delighted to ‘shoogle’ their bits!

The session took place in one of our favourite central Bath dance studios, in which the ladies were able to check our their fabulous new poses in the full-length mirrors. The session included all the burlesque favourites, with particular skills shown in the shimmies and the slinky walks. Such a large group demanded a performance of the glove peeling routine half the ladies at a time, and the exuberant ladies were only too happy to make their burlesque debut in front of their friends. The other half learnt how to be a good audience – lots of whoops and appreciative noises – as the performers were encouraged to make eye contact and aim their slung gloves at their favourite audience member.

As always, time passed too quickly, and I waved the ladies goodbye, telling them to get practising and get a show together for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year..

Contact us for your burlesque hen party in Bath!

Viva Misadventure