Burlesque Hen Party, Dublin

Our girl in Ireland, Miss Emerald Isle, had a blast this weekend leading a group of no less than 22 ladies through their burlesque hen party in Dublin. A group of varying ages, from the blushing bride’s sister at just 18 through to the two spirited grandmothers-of-the-bride (whose energy levels put the younger ones to shame), the lesson had something for everyone, being just on the right side of naughty, but not too overtly sexy – not that this would have been a problem for grandmas Miss Thrupence Ha’penny and Miss Blanche Grandbangers. (Yes, even thrice-married septugenarians are still Miss in burlesque.)

Adorable bride Miss Velveteen Nuptials had brought her group all the way from Yorkshire for her Dublin burlesque hen party. With a night out in Dublin planned, the group were keen to perfect their neo-burlesque Pussycat Dolls style routine (done in a perfect girl-band formation V shape) before settling into their traditional bumps and grinds. The group took to tassel-twirling like pros and we weren’t surprised that a few of them had arrived at the session armed with their very own tassels ready to practise!

Miss Emerald Isle says, “Miss Velveteen and her family and friends were a real delight from start to finish. I’m heading out in Dublin myself tonight and will be keeping an eye out for a 22-strong burlesque troupe taking over the dancefloor!”

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Viva Misadventure/Miss Emerald Isle