Burlesque Hen Party, Cardiff

This most fabulous bijou group of four ladies were a natural choice for our Burlesque Hen Party of the Week. Opening the door to them before the class started, I found the four most exquisitely dressed burlesque ladies taking photographs of themselves posing on the staircase. I knew they were girls after my own heart. Even more so when they told me they’d walked through the rugby-fan-packed centre of Cardiff to get to the class dressed in their fishnets and very small pants!

The posing section of the class was cut shorter than usual, as these ladies already had an extensive knowledge of posing skills. They had perfected their S-shape pose within about 8 seconds, leaving plenty of time for the ultra-advanced beach-posing-in-a-C-string techniques.

There were plenty of photo opportunities with these ladies, with a Moulin Rouge style shot on the bar afterwards. The band who were setting up the room for their evening event were most impressed.

Our gorgeous bride had had to postpone her wedding, so asking about the Big Day, I was informed it was in June… but we weren’t saying which year! Plenty of time to get the skills perfected then.

The last I saw of these ladies was them slinking back down Cardiff Queen Street; I couldn’t tell from behind but I think they were using their new ‘head down, eyes up’ prowling walk. I’ve been informed that the ladies had a fantastic night and “we used some of the moves, hee hee”. I’m waiting for the stunning photos – go on, ladies!

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Viva Misadventure