Burlesque Hen Party, Leeds

Our party of the week is a Leeds burlesque hen party taught by the bubbly Miss Trixie Belle, professional dancer and dance teacher who loves teaching our burlesque syllabus to hen party ladies in Yorkshire of a weekend!

The lovely group of ladies from Sunderland descended on Leeds for their burlesque hen party and posed with some Mackem style!  They threw themselves into their burlesque class with aplomb coming up with some memorable alter-egos that we know will come in useful in the future.  Two of Miss Trixie’s favourite names were Rudi Trudi and Harley Hearts, the latter of whom works for the famous motorbike company of the same name.  The group were dab hands at the glove striptease and did themselves proud with a perfect pin-up burlesque performance.  The Sunderland Belles who were by all accounts a fabulous group of ladies, loved the disco lit dancefloor in Tiger Tiger Leeds, which added to their zesty performance.

Trixie says, “The girls were so much fun and I had a great Saturday afternoon with them. I’d like to wish the bride all the very best on her big day and hope that the Sunderbelles will be appearing on a stage near me soon!”

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Gypsy Charms / Trixie Belle