Burlesque Hen Party, Germany

Tassel-Twirling German-style!

This weekend saw the launch of our burlesque hen parties in Germany through our sister brand Charm School.  Stag nights have long since been a staple of German culture, but it is only in recent years that the ladies of Germany have realised that they too have the perfect excuse for a girls night out or in to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.

Having taught burlesque and cabaret workshops in Germany with Rent-a-Muse since 2009, we thought that German ladies might enjoy our burlesque hen parties too. As a result, we are now offering our fabulously fun themed hen parties in Germany.  Our first hen party was a group of lovely ladies who descended on Bochum to celebrate the appropriately Bunny Bride’s upcoming wedding.  The beautiful hen had no idea what the group had planned for her, and was ecstatic when she discovered she would be learning some classic burlesque moves and tassel twirling on her hen party.  None of the participants knew what to expect, as this was the first burlesque hen party they had ever been too (or heard of!) and they threw themselves into the hen party with aplomb.  After creating some suitably naught burlesque names (and a stunning cocktail or two) they giggled, posed and peeled their way through the burlesque hen party.  They are now trying to line up a whole host of excuses to have another session!

We’ve loved delivering our special brand of burlesque hen parties throughout the UK and Ireland for the last six years, and we are delighted that our first burlesque hen party went down so well with the German hens.  So as they say in Germany – Willkommen zur Burlesque Hen Party!

Gypsy Charms

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