Burlesque Hen Party, Birmingham

This week’s burlesque hen party of the week comes to you from Birmingham – in the heart of Broad Street one of our favourite Birmingham venues, O’Neills, hosted a group of ladies who had travelled from Coventry to become burlesque superstarlets for the day.

Dressed in hula necklaces and feather boas, I knew from the start this was a group of girls after my own heart. What was it about them? – the almost subconscious fondling of their chests before the class even started was the first sign! There was certainly no shyness in this group. Bride-to-be Miss Cherry B took centre stage with aplomb, flanked by her daughter and stepdaughter, who saw Cherry in positions I suspect they hadn’t seen before, and heard saucy noices that had them blushing! (Sorry for the trauma, girls.)

An unsuspecting male member of staff came in about 20 minutes into the class to fix the sound system, and the ladies needed no encouragement to direct their burlesque-style pelvic thrusts towards him, until he scurried out looking bemused but not unhappy.

Miss Lusty Busty who had travelled from Wales for the Birmingham burlesque hen party, was one of my favourite shimmiers, and unafraid to give her boobs a ‘helping hand’ to make them shimmy with ease!

The ladies took to the good-girl ‘cheesecake’ burlesque dance routine like ducks to water, getting in touch with their inner Vargas pin-ups, but ultimately giving into their ‘bad girls’. The acting was superb, especially from mum Cherry B who’s had plenty of practice of the ‘naughty, naughty’ finger-shaking!

I was very happy to wake up this morning to a lovely email from Cherry: “Viva, we had a fabulous time in Birmingham! Thank you so much for making my hen most definitely memorable. You are a brilliant teacher and so good at letting us have our jokes while we practised our moves. We all commented on how well you gauged our group and picked up on our personalities (and the fact we love our breasts so much!). We now all have a common interest and glove sales are going up! I can’t thank you enough… and neither will Jeff, my soon to be very happy husband! I’m sure we will meet again, Lizzie aka Cherry B x”

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Viva Misadventure