Burlesque Hen Party, Leeds

First Leeds, next stop Paris for the Yorkshire Roses!

Saturday saw the incomparable Miss Audrey Hepkat, pin-up queen and one of our fabulous Academy-trained teachers in the North, put a group of ladies through their paces in a burlesque hen party in Leeds. The ladies all were from West Yorkshire; Halifax, Huddersfield and the surrounding area, whom we have re-christened the Yorkshire Roses, and were, according to Audrey, a delight to teach.

Luscious Lainie (the hen), Coco Mojito, Violet Diamante, Patty Pervalicious, Angel Delight,  and Margeurite Maltese were just some of the new burlesque alter-egos created – and they did Yorkshire proud!

Audrey told us that they really enjoyed the posing and were very glamourous and graceful showgirls.  They had some great fun with tassel twirling, and mastered the single tassel twirl with aplomb!

“From the moment I saw a glamorous group of showgirls sashay into the venue, I knew we were in for a fabulous afternoon! The ladies were fantastic fun, had really dressed for the occasion, and we had a great time discovering their inner burlesque showgirls. Today Leeds, next stop, the Moulin Rouge!”

We would like to wish Luscious and the Yorkshire Roses all the very best for the upcoming wedding.

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Audrey Hepkat and Academy of Burlesque and Cabaret