Burlesque Hen Party, London

Welcome to the stage… the West End Dollies!

Saturday saw our delectable teacher Miss Coco Cleopatra put a group of eight ladies through their burlesque-style paces in central London. Opting for an early afternoon party slot, the ladies arrived after lunch in the sleek black-and-white themed VIP lounge at our favourite Piccadilly Circus venue. Wearing matching hen party T-shirts to mark the special occasion, and only ever so slightly worse for wear from their previous evening’s escapades (as they rightly should be on a hen weekend), the group were nonetheless excited and ready to rise to the burlesque challenge.  After procuring a ladylike hair-of-the-dog to perk them up, the ladies got into the burlesque hen party spirit creating their burlesque alter-egos.

Successfully navigating slinking and strutting when hungover in heels, the aptly re-christened West End Dollies danced their way through the session with ease. Coco told us, “The girls favoured the sexy girl-band style posing routine as it suited their confident, no-holds-barrred attitude – they definitely gave the Pussycat Dolls a run for their money!” Showing the West End how they burlesqued, our London burlesque hen party group excelled at the tassel twirling. According to Coco, Steph, the party organiser was absolutely amazing and a ‘natural’; we hope her new found skill will come in useful at some point.

The session finished with Coco and the ladies having a mini photo-shoot, where they put Britain’s Next Top Model contestants to shame, as they pouted and posed to perfection.  “The ladies were just fantastic,” Coco told us, “I had a blast – fact!” We hope the ladies used their newly honed burlesque skills to paint London red that night, and wish the Dollies all the best for the Big Day.

Gypsy Charms / Coco Cleopatra