The Rise of New Burlesque

The last decade has seen burlesque in the UK becoming a thriving, popular and – in some areas – mainstream industry; a far cry from the underground movement where neo-burlesque began. Burlesque and vintage fashion and styles have come back into fashion, shows have moved from pub venues to West End theatre stages and the […]

Getting into Burlesque: Part 5

Ladies & gentleman… it’s showtime! Tonight will see the results of all your hard work (hours of crafting, choreographing, rehearsing) finally realised onstage. If you come from another performance background, you may find that similar rules apply, but if you’re new to the world of the stage, here are a few tips and suggestions on […]

Burlesque Hen Party, Ipswich

This week, we sent top showgirl shimmier Miss Scarlett Fizz to Kesgrove near Ipswich to put a group of gorgeous ladies through their burlesque paces for their burlesque hen party. Bride -to-be, who rechristened herself Miss Glitz Bride and her troupe of ladies didn’t need Scarlett to teach them to find their inner burlesque divas […]

Getting into Burlesque: Part 4

So, the time has come… You’ve chosen your name, created your onstage persona, selected some music, added costume and choreography and you’ve rehearsed so much that you could do your routine in your sleep! But what next? It can only be one thing… time to apply for your first event! Choosing your first show Burlesque […]

Getting into Burlesque: Part 3

Creating an Act Once you’ve considered your persona, you’ll want to move onto creating your first act. Having already determined your style and character to a certain extent, you have a good starting block upon which to create your first routine. A burlesque ‘act’ (sometimes referred to as a ‘show’, although it’s not in fact […]