The ABC Performance Guide: Balloon Pops

Welcome to the new ABC Performance Guide. Throughout this series we will be looking at different types of act and what’s involved, offering tips & ideas to consider when creating your own acts. Part 1 is dedicated to the timeless burlesque act: The Balloon Pop. THE BALLOON POP Balloon pops can be tricky to pull […]

Burlesque: Tricks of the Trade Part 1

If you search online, you’ll find hundreds of ‘How To’ burlesque videos, blogs, tutorials and more. Everything from tassel twirling to fan dancing and costume making, burlesquers are a creative bunch with a wealth of experience from their own work. With the DIY ethos of burlesque many are self-taught and as newcomers join the scene, […]

Backstage Burlesque: A Behind the Scenes Tour

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at a burlesque show? Behind that glitter curtain, beneath all the glitz and glamour that unfolds onstage, what really goes on? Well, the ABC has decided to take you on a secret tour. Ladies and gentlemen, for one night only we would like to invite you behind the […]