Burlesque Hen Party, Melrose

Last weekend ABC teacher Daiquiri Dusk headed off to the Borders to bring a little bit of burlesque glam to the sleepy, countryside town of Melrose. It was a fabulous setting for the party of ladies and gents, strutting their stuff in a beautiful old Victorian house. The actual hen party took place in the parlour, ooh-er!

“The group were great, totally up for it from the start and also well-educated on their pin-up history,” said Daiquiri. “Almost everyone knew who Bettie Page was, no history lesson needed there!”

Melrose party June 14Party organiser White Candy was quite the dapper chap, who demonstrated a natural flair for boylesque performance. Our wonderful bride Roxy Rouge thoroughly enjoyed herself, saying she particularly enjoyed the posing section as it would be very handy for wedding pics.

Other group members included Sunset Strip and the extremely saucy Pearl Necklace; as the name suggests she was by far the cheekiest member of the group.

Everyone had a brilliant time in the end. Some people said they’d been nervous before but it was so much fun once they got into it and the loved getting to feel so elegant.

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