The Top 10 Most Extravagant Burlesque Props

Burlesque: a world of excitement, allure and extravagance. The final element; that of the lavish, exorbitant and sometimes downright outrageously ostentatious is the inspiration for this week’s blog. Join us as we take a look at some of the biggest / weirdest / most outlandish props in our Top 10 Most Extravagant Burlesque Props.

10. Dita Von Teese’s Giant Compact Mirror
Giant, pink and sparkly… what more could you ask for? It’s every little girl’s dream. Dita’s famous compact mirror has sparked many imitations over the last decade, including a replica which graced the stage of the 2009 Girls Aloud tour.

9. Beatrix Von Bourbon’s Giant Milkshake
Created for a series of shows Beatrix did in Germany, her giant milkshake prop certainly stood out, in terms of kitsch originality.

8. Michelle L’Amour’s Knight Rider Car
As seen on America’s Got Talent, Michelle’s tribute to Knight Rider saw her taking to the stage with a full-size replica car in what was to be an unforgettable show for the millions who tuned in to AGT that night and a complete re-education for those familiar with the original movie.

7. Roxi D’Lite’s Giant Cigar
I witnessed this particularly extravagant prop live in action at the 2010 Burlesque Hall of Fame, where it took not just centre stage, but pretty much all of the stage, it was so gargantuan! A beautiful lady, sitting astride an object with such obvious phallic connotations…. That was always going to go down a storm.

6. Honey LuLu’s Giant Teacup
A truly British giant prop for a truly British burlesquer. Instead of opting for the cliché of the giant cocktail glass, Honey took her inspiration from much closer to home in her teacup act. Can I get you a scone to accompany that my dear?

Honey Lulu: who needs a cocktail when you can have a cuppa instead?
Honey Lulu: who needs a cocktail when you can have a cuppa instead?

5. Immodesty Blaize’s Giant Phone
British burlesque queen Immodesty is famed for her exquisite props, including her stunning giant black rocking horse. However, probably most famous is her giant glittery phone, perfect for luxuriating upon!

4. Catherine D’Lish’s Biggest Ostrich Fans in the World
Famous as one of the world’s top performers (Miss Exotic World 1992 and 1994) and also for her costuming skills, Catherine is known for pushing the boundaries with her opulent, devastatingly beautiful costume and prop creations. Her giant fans are no exception.

3. Vicky Butterfly’s Mirrored Moon
British burlesque star Vicky Butterfly is renowned for her visually stunning performance pieces. Drawing inspiration from Victorian and early 20th century costuming and art, her performaces are breathtaking, not least of all her beautiful mirrored moon act.

2. Dita’s Giant Martini Glass
We could hardly cover such a topic without a nod to the famous martini glass, a centrepiece in Miss Von Teese’s shows for many years now. It’s worth noting that Catherine D’Lish was famed for her giant champagne glass before Dita adopted the giant martini glass, but there’s no doubt that Dita has cemented the image of the crystal-tassel- & thong-clad beauty balancing in a glass of bubbles, luxuriously soaping herself down, into the minds of hundreds of thousands worldwide.

1. Lili St Cyr’s Gilded Bath
Arguably the most famous original giant prop of the golden years of burlesque, Lili’s incredible gilded bath with see-through side panels was a lesson in luxury that few if any performers in the modern day have managed to recreate. A simple routine which saw Lili undress and get into her bath (as we all do at home of course), it gained her infamy across the USA, even causing cases of lewd and lascivious behaviour to be raised against her.

Lili's gilded bathtub: a lesson in true decadence.
Lili’s gilded bathtub: a lesson in true decadence.