Burlesque Stage Names: Part 2

Welcome back to part two of our guide to choosing your burlesque stage name. Last week, we offered some tips and suggestions when you first start to think about what to call yourself, as well as outlining some of the more popular trends in burlesque nomenclature. This week, we’re picking up where we left off, […]

Burlesque Stage Names: Part 1

The dilemma of what the call oneself when performing is one that has faced all of us at some point, performers new and seasoned. Few performers use their real names onstage and if they do, it’s rarely their whole name and usually just a part of it or an adaptation. So how do you choose […]

Superstars of Burlesque: Imogen Kelly

This week we’re heading down under, to celebrate one of the southern hemisphere’s greatest and most inspiring burlesque queens. With over 20 years experience onstage, the 2012 Burlesque Hall of Fame Queen of Burlesque crown on her mantle, performances in over 20 different countries  under her belt and an energetic, passionate edge to her performances […]

Superstars of Burlesque: Dirty Martini

We’ve been getting some excellent feedback on our Superstars series, so we thought we’d treat you to another spotlight on one of the most sizzling striptease artistes of the 21st century. This incredible lady has headlined shows throughout the USA & Europe, she’s had documentaries made about her, she is infamous for her larger-than-life personality […]