Superstars of Burlesque: Dirty Martini

We’ve been getting some excellent feedback on our Superstars series, so we thought we’d treat you to another spotlight on one of the most sizzling striptease artistes of the 21st century. This incredible lady has headlined shows throughout the USA & Europe, she’s had documentaries made about her, she is infamous for her larger-than-life personality and she was the 2004 winner of Miss Exotic World. She is of course, the devilishly delicious Dirty Martini.

Who is Dirty Martini?
New York burlesque sensation Miss Dirty Martini is one of neo-burlesque’s most recognisable faces. A modern day icon, she is loved both by audiences and by many of the great names of the Golden Era of Burlesque. With a background in dance from a young age, Dirty went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance before finding her way into the world of burlesque. In 2004 she won the coveted Miss Exotic World title and became the reigning Queen of Burlesque. Since then, she has appeared in numerous television shows, films and documentaries, including Immodesty Blaize’s ‘Burlesque Undressed’.

How did she get into burlesque?
After finishing her studies, Miss Martini began working in collaborative theatre and modern dance, but was looking for a way to focus on work as a solo artist. Her choice fell to classical ballet or burlesque, and she opted for the latter; and we’re very glad she did!

What style of burlesque does she perform?
Dirty Martini’s performances span a huge spectrum; from the funny, to the political to classically-inspired burlesque. Some of her acts tell stories, others contain a message and some are just sheer glamour and a striking visual aesthetic. She is a true chameleon and excels at whatever part she chooses to play. One of her best-known acts, is her political piece, ‘The Patriot Act’ which sticks the finger up at capitalist America and corporate greed in an epic, visually-poetic way performance.

She has many other acts, including balloon pops and her spider web routine, and is also noted, for her fan dancing, for which she won the Sally Rand Award for Fan Dancing at the 2001 Miss Exotic World Pageant.

Some interesting facts about Dirty Martini

*Dirty was born into a creative family, so it’s little wonder she ended up working in the arts. Her mother was an opera singer and visual artist and her father was a band director.

*In 2007, she moved to France for the summer to perform at the Estuaire Festival with Cabaret New Burlesque.

*In 2010 she starred in the documentary ‘Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque’.

*That same year, she also played on of the lead roles in the independent film ‘Tournee’ which went on to win an award at Cannes.

And so we reach the end of our latest spotlight. We do hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s installment.
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