Burlesque Stage Names: Part 2

Welcome back to part two of our guide to choosing your burlesque stage name. Last week, we offered some tips and suggestions when you first start to think about what to call yourself, as well as outlining some of the more popular trends in burlesque nomenclature. This week, we’re picking up where we left off, with a look at some more of the prevalent trends.

The Colour Stage Name
Stage names inspired by colours / shades have also proven popular over the years and if you have a favourite colour (one of the lesser obvious ones) then that can be a good starting point for a stage name. Contemporary performers with a penchant for a particular shade include Miss Indigo Blue, Amber Ray, Ginger La Rouge, Marnie Scarlet and Constance Peach, to name but a few.

The Flower Stage Name
Another age-old source of inspiration for burlesque beauties is flowers. Again, this is one to tread carefully with, as certain words have become over-used, but there are still many choices. If we hark back to the Golden Era, ecdysiastical queen Lili St Cyr is notable for her floral first name.

Edinburgh-based Gilda Lily. Image copyright Iolair Images.
Edinburgh-based Gilda Lily.
Image copyright Iolair Images.

In the present day, hula-hooping burlesque star Daisy Black keeps it simple and classic, whilst our own Gilda Lily evokes something of the golden era with her name, as well as being a clever play on the phrase ‘gild the lily’. Other flower inspirations could include petunia, buttercup, rose and many more.

The Animal Stage Name
Looking to our furry friends for stage name ideas is another common trope. As mentioned in our last blog, ‘Kitty’ is up there with the ones to definitely avoid, due to it becoming saturated in the contemporary scene. However, that’s not to say it hasn’t been memorably used by some of the burlesque community’s longer standing members, such as Kitten de Ville and Scotland’s own Wild Card Kitty. Other creature names that also pop up quite often are ‘foxy’ and ‘vixen’, so tread carefully with these ones. Look for something a bit different to help you stand out.

The Stage Name that Rhymes
Rhyming stage names (or ones that almost rhyme) are a clever choice, as the wording often makes them catchy and easier to remember. Heidi Bang Tidy is the perfect example of a good burly rhyme, whilst Fancy Chance, Nasty Canasta and Aurora Galore all make clever use of partial-rhymes in their burlesque pseudonyms.

Place-Inspired Stage Names
Choosing a name based on a place is more common than you might think. It might be somewhere that means something to you, somewhere you want to go or even somewhere that inspires your creativity and passion. Place-name performers include Little Brooklyn and Vienna La Rouge.

So there you have it; some more inspiration and ideas to add to the melting pot of glitter, crystals and feathers, as you start to create you burlesque persona. We did promise to take a look at tag lines this time, but we’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog to that next week, so don’t forget to join us then!

In the meantime, if you missed part 1 of our Burlesque Stage Names guide, why not check it out?