Burlesque Tag Lines

When you start out in burlesque, creating your persona and branding is a lengthy, ongoing process; from choosing your style, character, stage name and more, there are many stages when it comes to defining yourself as a performer. In previous blogs, we’ve examined different styles of burlesque in the ABC Guide to Burlesque and we’ve looked at some Stage Name Tips and inspirations, so this week we’re going to look at the next step: creating your tag line.

Tag lines are an important piece of marketing. They help identify your style / speciality as a performer and can help in making you more memorable to those who come across you on flyers or online.  Again, originality is key, so always Google any ideas plus ‘burlesque’ to make sure you’re not going to accidentally step on someone else’s crystal studded tootsies with an errant choice.

It’s also worth considering that your style may change over time (and thus, so might your tagline, depending on the specificity of it), so if you’re a relatively new performer, it may be worth holding off for a few months until you find your niche, as this might make it easier to find a tag line that truly represents your stage persona.

What Makes A Good Tag Line?
*Originality: we can’t stress this enough! Pick something that’s unique to you, check it doesn’t sound similar to anything that’s already out there. Google is your friend!

*Catchiness: stay away from anything too wordy / lengthy, because if it’s too long, people won’t remember it and you’ll also find it might not fit on posters and promo materials.

*Attention-grabbing: be it a witty play on words, a saucy double-entendre or a reference to something iconic which will resonate with audiences, make your tag line stand out from the rest.

Famous Burlesque Tag Lines
So let’s take a look at some of the stars of the burly world both old and new, and see how they’ve created tag lines that match their personas perfectly.

Michelle L’Amour – “The Ass That Goes Pow!”
Chicago-based Queen of Burlesque (BHoF 2005) Michelle L’Amour’s tag line has it all; it’s original, it’s catchy and it’s memorable, as well as being perfectly suited to a lady with such amazing hip-shimmying, butt-jiggling, booty-shaking style.

Kitten DeVille – “Queen of the Quake”
Another of our modern burlesque queens (BHoF 2002) is the legendary Kitten DeVille. Her tag line embodies her style and sheer energy onstage, as well as referencing one of her many titles won to date.

Jennie Lee's tag line
Jennie Lee: ‘The Bazoom Girl’.

Jennie Lee – “The Bazoom Girl”
One of the original queens of the golden era of burlesque, Jennie Lee capitalised on her curvaceous assets with a simple, but effective tag line.

Dixie Evans – “The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque”
The godmother of new burlesque, Dixie Evans is noted for her many achievements in the contemporary burlesque world; founding the BHoF in 1991, curating the BHoF museum and for her overwhelming commitment to and love of burlesque. However, back in the golden years, when she took to the stage as a young, exotic dancer, her tag line packed a massive punch and boosted her infamy and popularity infinitely.

Betty Rowland – “The Red Headed Ball of Fire”
Miss Rowland’s tag line worked well for the flame-haired beauty in the golden days of burlesque; referencing both her stunning tresses and her fiery onstage presence, the tag line perfectly captured the essence of Betty in a memorable way that helped her stand out from the crowd.

That brings us to the end of this week’s blog. Next week, we’ll be returning to our Superstars of Burlesque series, so stay tuned.