Superstars of Burlesque: Ann Corio

This week our Superstars series turns the spotlight on one of the USA’s most famous queens of the classic burlesque heyday. With an incredible career on stage and screen, Ann Corio began as a showgirl in New York in 1925 and danced her way through the 1930s, before entering the world of film and television […]

Superstars of Burlesque: Dee Milo

We return once more to American soil for this week’s superstar. Known as ‘The Venus of Dance’, her natural rhythm and beauty made her a household name across the USA. Having retired in the mid ‘60s, she returned to the stage 30 years later as one of the last remaining Legends at the Burlesque Hall […]

Superstars of Burlesque: Lydia Thompson

If you were to ask a number of contemporary burlesque performers who they considered to be among the original queens of the genre, British music hall star Lydia Thompson would invariably be mentioned. Often considered the true original queen of burlesque, she and her British Blondes troupe lit up the stages of Victorian music halls […]

Superstars of Burlesque: Bettie Page

This week, our Superstars series is celebrating one of the most famous and iconic stars of the Golden Era of Burlesque. She is still revered today as the perfect pin-up, the girl next door with the jet-black bangs, the good girl gone bad. Back in her heyday, she blazed a trail of saucy, scandalous escapades, […]

Burlesque New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year where you sit down, still feeling somewhat portly from all that Christmas roast, and you write out a list of promises to yourself that you staunchly set out to stick to but many of which fall by the wayside early in the new year. But what about burlesque resolutions? Whether […]