Burlesque: Dealing with Stage Fright – Part 1

When you start out in burlesque, it’s very common to suffer from some pre-show nerves. Whether it’s just a few jitters or full blown stage fright, it can strike at any time and can be one of the most difficult and frustrating issues to overcome. If you come from a performing background, you might be […]

Burlesque Hen Party, Cardiff

This week Cardiff got a little extra dose of burlesque, when we sent our instructor Bibi LaRouge to teach some fabulous ladies there the art of the tease. Bibi told us that she knew she was in for a fun class, as soon as she heard the clomp of heels and giggles coming up the […]

The Importance of Sideline Businesses in Burlesque

Burlesque performers are a creative bunch. Well, that almost goes without saying; you need an imagination and a flair for creativity if you’re going to succeed in this business, but it goes beyond stage-craft, costuming, choreography skills and all the other stuff you actually see onstage in the final performance. The creativity of burlesquers extends […]

Burlesque: Budgets for Beginners Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of our mini-series about making burlesque work on a beginner budget. Last week, performer and Academy of Burlesque & Cabaret hen party teacher Daiquiri Dusk offered some tips on working out your first costume budget, this week we’re onto some DIY advice and some embellishment ideas. Burlesque DIY There […]

Burlesque: Budgets for Beginners – Part 1

This week, ABC hen party teacher & performer / designer Daiquiri Dusk takes a look at how to work out your budget for costuming and props when you’re starting out. When you first enter the world of the burlesque as a new performer, it can be pretty daunting, not least because of the extravagant costuming […]