Burlesque Hen Party, Cardiff

This week Cardiff got a little extra dose of burlesque, when we sent our instructor Bibi LaRouge to teach some fabulous ladies there the art of the tease.

Bibi told us that she knew she was in for a fun class, as soon as she heard the clomp of heels and giggles coming up the stairs, and she was right.

The group, led by a very enthusiastic bride, who rechristened herself with the burlesque pseudonym of ‘Wooly Penis’, was raring to go.
Wooly was a born headline act as she led the girls like a pro. They took to the modern burlesque routine with ease, adding their own signature moves such as the thigh slap! The group also saw an appearance multiple times of ‘Strongbow Steve’! The girls would take it in turns wearing a Strongbow box on their heads with eye holes! Very glamorous!!

Afterwards, the girls said they enjoyed the class, saying it was “sexy, fun and relaxed.” One girl commented that she had never felt so confident. Bibi had a brilliant time teaching the group.

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