The ABC Guide to Burlesque Festivals 2015: UK

In last week’s blog we offered some advice on applying for your first big burlesque festival. Following on from that, we’re hot on the trail of upcoming festivals in 2015 and early 2016, which we’ve put together in a guide to help you get started. This week we’re looking at UK-based ones; we’ll be covering Europe, Canada, the USA and further afield in the coming weeks.

Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival
Dates: 30 April – 3 May 2015
Location: Calder Valley, West Yorkshire
Years running: 3
Organisers: Lady Wildflower & Heidi Bang Tidy
About: Starting out as a two-day event, this festival has blossomed into a kickass four-day event, featuring shows and workshops and the Legend in the Making contest. This year’s stars include Diva Hollywood, Khandie Khisses, Vicky Butterfly & The Boy with Tape on His Face

Hebden Bridge BF 2015

London Burlesque Festival

Dates: 15-31 May 2015
Location: assorted venues in London
Years running: 9
Organiser: Chaz Royal
About: Chaz Royal has produced burlesque events worldwide for many years and this year’s LBF promises to be the biggest one yet. Two weeks’ worth of shows featuring performers from around the globe, shows include the Twisted Cabaret, Nerd-lesque, Sexy Circus Sideshow, Hollywood Revue and more.

LBF 2015

Bristol Burlesque Festival

Dates: 3-5 September 2015
Location: assorted venues in Bristol
Years running: 3
Organisers: Tuesday Laveau & Dis Charge
About: Now in its third year, the Bristol Burlesque Festival is a three-day event specialising in the bizarre: weird burlesque, gorelesque, queerlesque and generally badass burlesque.


Glasgow Festival of Burlesque
Dates: 20-22 November 2015
Location: Classic Grand, Glasgow
Years running: first year
Organiser: Roxy Stardust
About: In its inaugural year, the Glasgow Festival of Burlesque is promising three nights of fabulous burlesque shows. Confirmed guest stars so far include Gypsy Charms, Missy Malone and Rufus T.

Belfast Burlesque Festival

Dates: 27-29 November 2015
Location: The Black Box, Belfast
Years running: 2
Organiser: Tease-o-Rama
About: Entering its second year, the Belfast Burlesque Festival offers three days of events including a show for newcomers and a competitive show to win the Belfast Crown.

North Wales Burlesque Festival

Dates: 29-31 January 2016
Location: Llandudno, Conwy
Years running: 2
Organisers: Foxee Stole & Roslyn Walker, Le Cirque Paradis
About: A three-day event, the North Wales Burlesque Festival returns for its second year in 2016, with events including a newcomer showcase, a gala show, assorted workshops and a special photographic shoot for performers to boost their portfolios.

NWBF 2016