Burlesque Hen Party, Edinburgh

With surprisingly summer-like weather in Scotland’s capital city last weekend, our sizzling burlesque hen party in Edinburgh succeeded in sending the temperature soaring through the roof!

Our beautiful bride-to-be Laura (rechristened ‘Tequila Tease’ as her burlesque alter-ego) and friends were excited for their burlesque hen party. A couple of the ladies had previously attended one of our hen parties in Glasgow two years ago and had such a great time they wanted to come back for another.

Tequila Tease & friends.
Tequila Tease & friends.

Having chosen their stage names, the group soon started showing their sass and style as they worked through their poses and shimmying. Several of the group commented on how much at ease teacher Daiquiri made them feel; they had expected to feel awkward and were initially nervous and embarrassed but quickly forgot this as they got into the swing of things.

By the time they got to tassel twirling, they had truly found their stride (or should I say ‘strut’) and with some fabulously talented natural-twirlers in the class they rounded things off with a bang. Participant ‘Booby-Licious’ had a particular flair for the twirling and said she “felt so relaxed, I really just really went for it!”


If you’re interested in booking your own burlesque hen party (available in most major cities throughout the UK) visit our Hen Party page for more info.