Burlesque that goes Bump & Grind in the Night

If you think about it, burlesque and Halloween go hand in hand. Both give you the opportunity to dress up, step outside your normal persona and embrace another fantabulous / weird character for the night. With lots of spooktacular events happening around the globe and hundreds of Halloween-themed acts peeling, posing and teasing onstage, we […]

Burlesque: The Forgotten Innovators – Part 4

Welcome back once more to our historical guide to the lesser-known ladies, gents and events of burly-q. This week’s blog invites you along to the frivolous ‘40s and the fabulous ‘50s, as we take a look at burlesque and its stars once they were forced from the theatres of Broadway and out onto the backstreets […]

Burlesque: The Forgotten Innovators – Part 3

Roll up roll up, ladies and gentlemen! The show is about to begin. And so we welcome you to the third installment in our series on the little known innovators of historical burlesque. For this evening’s event, we bring you some of the most daring, dazzling and show-stopping performers and events from yesteryear, whose contribution […]