The ABC Beginner Guide: How to make Ostrich Fans – Part 3

Welcome back to our exclusive mini-series, on how to make your own set of ostrich plume fans. So far, we’ve gone through materials and tools needed, preparing your staves and feathers and mounting the feathers onto the staves. You might think that’s you finished, but the final touches and some extra embellishments can make all […]

The ABC Beginner Guide to Feather Fans

One of the biggest challenges when starting out in burlesque is budget. As you look to stock your wardrobe with luscious props and costumes, it will quickly become apparent that burlesque is an expensive business, and one in which the saying “It takes money to make money” is particularly true. Our new series aims to […]

The ABC Guide to Burlesque: Part 4

It’s the final week of The ABC Guide to Burlesque and we’re wrapping up our blog series with some of the more unusual burlesque sub-genres and a piece on one of the biggest crossover genres: circus and burlesque. Nerdesque / Geeklesque Nerdesque, also known as Geeklesque, refers to burlesque performers and shows inspired by sci-fi, […]