A Show of Vice & Liars: Season 1 – Madness Is Coming

A Show of Vice and Liars

Written by fans for fans, A Show of Vice & Liars: Season One, is inspired by the series that introduced us to everyone’s favourite fantasy world.  Journey with us the length and breadth of the Realm, as your favourite chapters are creatively retold with unique twists, hysterical turns and terpsichorean treats.  If you are offended by explicit sexual references, consistent savagery, and inappropriate relations between family members, this show is a must-see.

Warning: Spoilers outwith season one shall not be tolerated and dressing for the occasion is encouraged. So arm yourselves, as its about to get nasty in the North, weird in Westeros, kinky in Kings Landing, there will be sex all over the seven kingdoms, and one thing is for certain… Madness is Coming!

Written & Produced by Gypsy Charms and Chris Henry.

Falkirk (part of the Funny in Falkirk events programme)

Date: 17th October

Venue: Behind the Wall, Falkirk

Show: 7pm

Tickets: £9 / £7