Celebrity Dance-Off, Edinburgh Fringe

Blond Ambition Productions presents:

Gypsy Charms & Chris JS Wilson’s ‘Celebrity Dance-Off 2012: the most un-PC celebrity dance contest of the year!’

Welcome to the world’s most politically-incorrect celebrity dance-off. Hosted by Rotherham’s finest, Myra DuBois (be warned, some of you may be in for her extra-special Brucie Bonus), we bring together a host of celebs including Margaret Thatcher*, David Beckham and Jesus Christ (yes, we’re bringing him back!) to battle it out on the dancefloor. Starring Chris JS Wilson and Gypsy Charms, this is a show with a real ‘end of the pier’ feel.

*Disclaimer: unfortunately no real Margaret Thatchers were harmed during the making of this production. But JC is really back – honest!

Dates: 18-25 August 2012

Time: 1.45pm-2.45pm

Venue: Voodoo Rooms Ballroom, 19a West Register Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AA

Tickets: Free!!! Just queue up and come on in…