The Mating Ritual

Blond Ambition Events Presents:

The Mating Ritual with Desmond O’Connor, Chris JS Wilson, Kiki Kaboom and Gypsy Charms

A genre (and gender) bending piece of theatre cabaret created by Gypsy Charms and Chris JS Wilson, The Mating Ritual burlesques men, women and our mating behaviours. Guiding you through a boisterously bawdy man-meets-woman history is the sharp tongued devil-in-disguise Desmond O’Connor. Starting with a famous royal couple and finishing with ’80s pumping sexercise, the Mating Ritual uses a sensory cacophony of dance, burlesque and musical comedy to examine how convention suggests we charm, connive and con the opposite sex into continuing the human race. With special guest Kiki Kaboom.

Watch The Mating Ritual Showreel.




This production has toured at:

Boho (Glasgow)

Voodoo Rooms (Edinburgh)

Volupte (London)

Brickhouse (London)