Burlesque Hen Party, Newcastle

The Toon got even livelier at the weekend as a group of gorgeous ladies took centre stage in a Newcastle burlesque hen party.  Taught by the flame haired Ruby Rox, our girl in Newcastle, they were put through their burlesque paces in style. The group, who were largely from the Manchester and Preston area, had […]

Burlesque Hen Party, Glasgow

The West End of Glasgow was well and truly burlesque-d by the gorgeous Mou-Lynne Rouge and her hen party yesterday. A stone’s throw away from the University of Glasgow (Mou-Lynn’s and my alma mater), Glasgow’s West End was a fitting location to learn some burlesque essentials – as she’d originallymet her soon-to-be-husband while studying here. […]

80s hen party, Fife

We sent the vivacious Bon BFon Fatale to Fife to deliver an 80s-tastic hen party (from our sister brand Charm School‘s fabulous syllabus). Bon Bon donned her fishnets and lycra to put the hen party through some classic 80s choreography courtesy of a selection of quintessential 80s dance movie moments, including everyone’s favourite scenes from […]