The ABC Guide to Burlesque: Part 4

It’s the final week of The ABC Guide to Burlesque and we’re wrapping up our blog series with some of the more unusual burlesque sub-genres and a piece on one of the biggest crossover genres: circus and burlesque. Nerdesque / Geeklesque Nerdesque, also known as Geeklesque, refers to burlesque performers and shows inspired by sci-fi, […]

The ABC Guide to Burlesque: Part 3

Welcome back to part 3 in the ABC’s Guide to Burlesque. So far we’ve looked at various sub-genres of burlesque, from cheesecake to boylesque, and more. This week we’re looking at another three different types of burlesque which can be seen on the circuit today. Sing  & Fling Burlesque Sing & fling  is another fusion […]

The ABC Guide to Burlesque: Part 2

Welcome back to the ABC’s Guide to Burlesque! This week we will be exploring some more of the sub-genres of burlesque, each with a unique flair and defining style of their own. Cheesecake Burlesque First up is ‘Cheesecake’ burlesque (which has nothing to do with food, before you ask; that’s a whole different genre of […]

The ABC Guide to Burlesque: Part 1

The word ‘burlesque’ is often misused in the media; either wrongly applied or simply used to describe a very narrowly-defined style of entertainment, typically the glamorous striptease performances of performers like Dita Von Teese. This is unsurprising, given that she is arguably the most famous ‘burlesquer’ in the world, but burlesque in the 21st century […]