The ABC Performance Guide: Fans & Fan Dancing Part 2

Welcome once more to the ABC Performance Guide. This week we are continuing our study of fans and fan dancing. Silk Veil Fans Silk veil fans are another popular choice when using fans in burlesque, and as with the other kinds of fans we looked at last week (ostrich plume, boa and pheasant feather fans) […]

The ABC Performance Guide: Fans & Fan Dancing Part 1

This week the ABC Performance guide returns to ruffle some feathers as we take a peek at the classic burlesque number that is the fan dance. Made famous by early American stripteasers such as Faith Bacon and Sally Rand, the fan dance has a timeless appeal that means it remains a popular performance piece today […]

Burlesque: Tricks of the Trade Part 2

Welcome back to the Academy of Burlesque & Cabaret’s Tricks of the Trade blog. Each week, we offer advice and tips on burlesque; everything from costuming, to acts, to music to secret suggestions and ideas from burlesque performers around the world. This week we welcome guest performer advice from two British burlesque beauties. Leeds-based Havana […]