Dita’s Role in the New Burlesque

For the average person on the street, if you ask them to name a burlesque performer, their answer will most often be ‘Dita Von Teese’. She is arguably the most recognised ecdysiastical face in the world and she is often cited as the “Queen” of new burlesque. She has crossed into the mainstream to in […]

Why Being a Burlesque Performer is Like Being a Super Hero

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m not talking saving damsels in distress, battling flaming dragons or defeating treacherous villains (although don’t get me wrong; those are all valid act scenarios in themselves). I’m talking about the mystery, the adventures and the chance to live out your craziest dreams and bring your imagination to life. Much […]

Superstars of Burlesque: Tigger

Our Superstar this week is the original King of Boylesque. An American striptease star of the highest order, he has been whipping audiences into a frenzy with his daring and provocative routines for over two decades. As one of New York’s finest, he has performed worldwide and he won the first ever Best Boylesque (aka […]

Superstars of Burlesque: Julie Atlas Muz

Welcome back to our whirlwind guide to the biggest and brightest stars of the burlesque stage. Our featured queen this week is one of modern-day burlesque’s most famous faces. Noted for her performance art as well as her boundary-pushing burly numbers, this petite blonde bombshell holds the 2006 crowns for both the Miss Exotic World […]