For any men that think that they’re the wrong gender for burlesque, try our Boylesque (Male Burlesque) workshops and discover your boylesque alter-ego.  Not just for females, men have been performing and creating burlesques for centuries – and it’s high time that you gents got back into the swing of it!

This is a fun, movement-based class which focuses on styles of burlesque through the ages.  From slapstick to modern jazz, Boylesque will introduce you to the movement styles that have influenced all burlesque, infusing it with the vital element of parody.  Of course, with burlesque striptease on the rise, this workshop will introduce gents to the basics of peeling as well.  Think Laurel and Hardy, throw in a twist of The Full Monty and top it all off with some Austin Powers magic.

Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in and bring a pair of gloves, a jacket with buttons and a pair of loose fitting trousers.

Boylesque classes currently only available on private bookings via National Dance Agencies, other organisations or private parties. Please contact us if you would like us to lead a Male Burlesque workshop.