Burlesque Beginners

Burlesque beginner level lessons are lively, entertaining classes which are designed to take you on a whistle stop tour of the glamorous fun filled world of burlesque.  This level is designed for both those with no experience in burlesque, as well as those who are keen to reveal their inner burlesque beauty to the world by taking to the stage.

These burlesque classes and workshops are specifically designed to induct you in the burly-style staples of posing, peeling, teasing and character work.  In no time at all you will be posing like Marilyn, peeling like Gypsy Rose Lee, teasing like Immodesty Blaize and revealing that inner diva, comedienne, femme fatale, or bad girl – the everyday essentials of a budding burlesque artist!

Burlesque Beginners will familiarise you with the burlesque essentials of posture and posing and inducts you gently into the realm of burlesque.  Through the use of characterisation and props you will learn some of the tricks of the burly-cabaret stage.  Academy of Burlesque and Cabaret classes and workshops will teach you peeling techniques and movement, using them to create a myriad of burlesque striptease style routines.  Finally, the burlesque experience wouldn’t be complete without mastering the finer points of tassel twirling!

These burlesque workshops also teach concept-building in burlesque routines, demonstrating how the elements introduced in class combine to create a burlesque act.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and bring shoes to dance in as well as heels, gloves and a dressing gown/coat. If applicable, you will be advised on what else to bring lesson by lesson.

Burlesque Beginners classes are currently held in Edinburgh and Glasgow.