Burlesque: Dealing with Stage Fright – Part 2

In last week’s blog we looked at how good organisation and preparation can help in dealing with pre-show nerves. This week as promised, we’ll be talking through some techniques and ideas on how to deal with your stage fright on the night. Get into Character Step out of your everyday clothes and into your costume […]

Burlesque: Dealing with Stage Fright – Part 1

When you start out in burlesque, it’s very common to suffer from some pre-show nerves. Whether it’s just a few jitters or full blown stage fright, it can strike at any time and can be one of the most difficult and frustrating issues to overcome. If you come from a performing background, you might be […]

The ABC Performance Guide: Fans & Fan Dancing Part 3

So we reach the final installment in the ABC Performance Guide Fans & Fan Dancing series. So far, we’ve looked at the many different kinds of fans used in burlesque performance and the differing styles and visual effects which can be achieved depending on the type of fans you have. In this final blog, we’re […]

The ABC Performance Guide: Fans & Fan Dancing Part 2

Welcome once more to the ABC Performance Guide. This week we are continuing our study of fans and fan dancing. Silk Veil Fans Silk veil fans are another popular choice when using fans in burlesque, and as with the other kinds of fans we looked at last week (ostrich plume, boa and pheasant feather fans) […]

The ABC Performance Guide: Fans & Fan Dancing Part 1

This week the ABC Performance guide returns to ruffle some feathers as we take a peek at the classic burlesque number that is the fan dance. Made famous by early American stripteasers such as Faith Bacon and Sally Rand, the fan dance has a timeless appeal that means it remains a popular performance piece today […]

Backstage Burlesque: A Behind the Scenes Tour

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at a burlesque show? Behind that glitter curtain, beneath all the glitz and glamour that unfolds onstage, what really goes on? Well, the ABC has decided to take you on a secret tour. Ladies and gentlemen, for one night only we would like to invite you behind the […]

Getting into Burlesque: Part 5

Ladies & gentleman… it’s showtime! Tonight will see the results of all your hard work (hours of crafting, choreographing, rehearsing) finally realised onstage. If you come from another performance background, you may find that similar rules apply, but if you’re new to the world of the stage, here are a few tips and suggestions on […]

Getting into Burlesque: Part 4

So, the time has come… You’ve chosen your name, created your onstage persona, selected some music, added costume and choreography and you’ve rehearsed so much that you could do your routine in your sleep! But what next? It can only be one thing… time to apply for your first event! Choosing your first show Burlesque […]

Getting into Burlesque: Part 3

Creating an Act Once you’ve considered your persona, you’ll want to move onto creating your first act. Having already determined your style and character to a certain extent, you have a good starting block upon which to create your first routine. A burlesque ‘act’ (sometimes referred to as a ‘show’, although it’s not in fact […]